Mr Ntong as fondly call, is a capital market enthusiast, a stockbroker with expertise in finance and investments. An Alumnus of ABU Zaria has passion for entrepreneurship and capacity development. He a lead partner at juvifactor focusing on getting people Financial literacy and advocacy, training, seminar/webinars. We equally provide Economy research that for tall growth and expansion in emerging markets through the develop one.

The founder and co-founder of Juvi Travel and, He has co-foundered two companies, juvitravels and logistics and Abbi&Gabbi Integrated services. He has over 10 years cognate experience in the capital market. He his currently undergoing professional training at Chartered Institutes of Stockbroker and Chartered Institutes of Securities And Investment UK.
The Hausa born entrepreneur and businessman enjoys reading, families and meetings.


This book is a guide to Investment in 3 st...

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This book is a guide to Investment in 3 stages of one's life namely;


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This book is a complete guide to everyone who desire to venture into investment. Everything you need to know about financial investment is in this book. Thanks for sharing you knowledge with us

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