Kaura LG Constituency Aquaculture Project, A Misplaced Priorities And The Opportunity Cost Effect.

  • 30 Dec 2020
  • vsntongs

Kaura LG Constituency Aquaculture Project, A Misplaced Priorities And The Opportunity Cost Effect.

I read somewhere that Hon. Gideon Gwani 

 Member Representing Kaura Constituency is rolling out N903.66million($1,807,000) to teach his subject business of fishery. I try not to look the other way but the more I think of it, the more it pained me.

 What a waste! especially in a post covid-19 era where the government is broke due to fallen price of crude oil. The Senate yesterday, past N13.588trn 2021 budget appropriation bill with 5.2trn fiscal deficit, meaning 40% monies budgeted is not available and has to be sources locally or abroad. 

Note also that capital component (4.1trn/ 30%) of this budget equals the debts Service (3.3trn/24%) allocated. 

Getting funds to finance recurrent expenditure is now government nightmare. 

 My point is, why not utilize the scarce resources efficiently, in areas that is not only effective but have sustainable impact to the people. 

The proponent of this project claimed that feasibility was conducted that ascertained a gap in the market, hence the need for the Aquaculture-project. Not to mention the nutritional benefits of the Project. This project is death on arrival please!

 The questions is; 

1. Who are those that conducted the feasibility studies?

2. Have they consulted widely, within and outside the constituency?

3. What is the economy value and value chain of the project?

4. Can this project sustained beyond second year of it inauguration?

5. What are the alternatives forgone?

6. What Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) those the project tend to achieve?

✓ Opportunity Cost - One.

Foreign Education Sponsorship and Scholarships.

The average cost of obtaining a Master degree in US or UK is around $25,000. Meaning 80 student can convenienly be sponsored, drawing eight (8) best graduating students from 10 Wards in the constituency.  

The sum total cost is $2,000,000 (25,00×80)

Assuming exchange rate of 500/$ 

N1,000,000,000 ($200,000,000×500).

One billion naira would go along way to give 80 students a better platform to compete globally and see a new world completely different from their present reality.The multiplier effect of having foreign Education can only but imagine. Imagine what opportunity like that can do for young graduate with good credentials, no job, no hope, mostly in vage of giving up in life.

This satisfied the fourth SDGs condition, of 'Ensure inclusive and equitable quality Education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all'.

In summary, the Constituency vis-a-vis the Souther Kaduna have comparative advantage in these area. Recently, governor Elrufai awarded one Ms Jamimah Jatau scholarships to Harvard University for her astounding performance in the Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship programme. This is a testament to the fact that by rule of thumb, we reign supreme in this phere and we need to develop our niche and talents aggressively.  

✓ Opportunity Cost -Two

Another project that is dear to my heart and closely related to the above is coding.

You’ve seen or heard the craze for learning code this days. But what exactly is coding? 

Coding is what makes it possible for us to create computer software, apps and websites. Your browser, your OS, the apps on your phone, Facebook, and websites. They’re all made with code. Someone maybe asking, this is too foreign for me and besides why coding?

The buzz behind coders changing world of Technologies with software applications is unending. And we're are not leaving is isolation either. There is need for us to joint the bandwagon of 21century Tech-space compliance or else we die. The future jobs belong to coders. see more here



A simple subscription of $10,000 can deliver contents, technical support and partnership that would help start a skill-sets computer knowledge to our people. N100million can build a code center with 50 computer capacity, internet access and furnishing. Building coding centre each, across the three chiefdoms would amount to N300million. Another 300million should be voted for logistics support and other infrastructures, staff salary, maintenance and security for a year. 

In summary, effective implementation of this project alone, can transformed many youths to self employment. The programme have a capacity to self-made alot of young minds to become developers, programmers. With internet access and a laptop or computer system in their hands can spikeup a Tech-City revolution in our LG. 

This again, satisfied SDGs Condition number 1 and 8. 'End poverty in all it forms everywhere, And Promote sustained inclusive and Sustainable Economy growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all'.

✓ Opportunity Cost-Three

Commercialized Our Cash-Crops. 

By default, Your advisers would've narrow there feasibility studies here. End hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture'. (SDGs number two) The most celebrated goals that we have comparative advantage in production. Scale up the production capacity by adopting marketing strategy that is independent of the open market rate. Simply mean, good enough we have ginger to produce in commercial quantity, since our capacity is

subsistence and can not deliver in tonnes to companies. We can burse our capacity in metric tons and negotiate our own price directly with the buys instead of middlemen that shortchange us yearly.

✓ Opportunity Cost - Four

Mobile Clinics

I hope this is not a surprise to you. Yes we can.The cost of obtaining one Mobile van is about $350,000. We can purchase three. I.e $1,050,000 ($350,000×3)

Assuming Exchange rate of N500/$

= 525,000,000 ($1,050,000×500)

Total cost of purchasing three Mobile Clinics is N525,000,000.

Again, the remaining 350milliom balance would allocated to staffing, Drivers& Nurses, mechanics engineers, mentainance, fuleling, servicing and other sundry expenses. 

According to the Nigeria Demographic Health Survey (NDHS, 2018), the under-five mortality rate in Nigeria is 132 per 1,000 live births meaning that 1 in 8 Nigerian children never reach the age of 5. Infant deaths, which account for half of child mortality have declined from 87 per 1000 live births in 1990 to 67 in 2018. One (1) Nigerian woman dies in childbirth every 10 minutes, and 1 Nigerian child under-5 years of age dies every minute.

In summary, Mobile Clinics are now in vouge and becoming live savers especially the remote areas and villages with difficult road access. Without doubts, a functional well equipped Mobile Clinics can deliver healthy care that prevents infant mortality and lower the death rates in our community.

This satisfied SDGs Number 3. 'Ensure healthy lives and Promote well-being for all at all age.

✓ Opportunity Cost - Five

Again we can build a business cluster called Biz-Hub and provide infrastructures i.e power, water etc.This is where the informal sector, the less educational previlage in our midst can fester and flourish. Equip them with training, tools and necessary starter kits to power up their careers and skills. 

N100million can build a Mini Biz-Hub.

N300million can give us three Biz-Hub.

N50million for training And supports

N200million for purchase of various starter kits.

100million for mentainance, Fueling and Servicing of logistics equipment and staffs salary.

With the total cost of N700million, we can deliver a business cuttage cluster that satisfied SDGs Condition number 9. 'Ensure resilient infrastructures that promotes inclusive and Sustainable industrialization and foster innovation'.


I believe we can do better, what we need is not political correctness at face of hunger and poverty. We need projects that are impactful and intensionally targeted at core nerves of human development not a shallow average one. I call on the Honorable and his team to take a second look at what they're doing at the moment, do some impact assessment with wide consultantation.

Sometimes, taking advise from the people sorroud, could be more a trap than the enemy afar.

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